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5 Star Editorial Review

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Blue Shadows Fall recieved a 5 star review from Indies Today!

★★★★★ / BY MORGAN JUSTICE / AUGUST 23, 2021

"A sublime dark fantasy with a perfect balance of action and interpersonal relationships."

Blue Haven is one of the lucky few, a descendent of those that survived the virus, the deadly mutations, the wandering, and the fighting that brought humans to the brink of extinction. Some 150 years later, all of humanity has been condensed down to the 1555 residents of New Haven, nestled deep in the Smoky Mountains. These days, the only remnants of the man-eating Shadow Elves to be found in the protected village are a few archaic laws and some pretentious ceremonies. And yet, all Blue wants is to become a revered warrior, appointed and trained to ensure the safety of New Haven against elves or any other threat that may arise. Of course, being a warrior is more just for looks and tradition than anything else since there hasn’t been an elf, an invader, or even another human outside the walls in more than a century. At least, that’s what they thought.

Blue Shadows Fall is a sublime dark fantasy with a perfect balance of action and interpersonal relationships. With a lightning fast plot and a well-paced reveal of the town’s secrets, this incredibly polished young adult gem is lacking nothing. The naturally diverse cast is presented in a refreshingly effortless way, not insisting on a bold statement about diversity. Blue’s inexperience is often at odds with the gravity of the situation, making for some humorous and embarrassing moments, all while endearing readers to this promising superhero in the making. Clever pop-culture references, an homage to classics like Superman, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, give readers an immediate sense of cozy familiarity as they further engage the eager audience. Blue Shadows Fall by Lenore Stutznegger is an unforgettable fantasy novel that should go on the top of your reading list!

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