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60% drafting Blue Shadows Fall 2

I just hit 60k words today!! So for a 100k novel, I’m 60% through drafting BLUE SHADOWS FALL 2!

This year, I’ve tried 2 new tactics that are life changing:

1. I set aside writing time every day—seems simple, I know! But my brain works better in the morning, so instead of hoping to get around to the writing— then feeling guilty when I couldn't fit it in—I schedule the time every day. My writing time is from 10-12am and it is golden! I also have a word goal to hit everyday and it’s made all the difference.

2. I drew a storyboard! I grew up with a fantastic dad who just so happened to be a freelance storyboard artist. I’d watch him draw the scenes for commercials and movies at his desk every day. Made perfect sense to try the same method for this book. Every 3 scenes is a chapter. This exercise helped me with pacing and making sure all of my secondary characters have a voice. It really put me into the world and helped me visualize how to fit it all together. (Bought the book from Amazon for $10)

My goal to complete drafting is by the end of February, then it'll be editing time!

How are your goals for the year coming along?

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