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We Are The Song

As an author, I get the priviledge of receiving books ahead of time to review. This is a Middle Grade Fantasy by Catherine Bakewell--and it's breathtaking. Every now and then a book comes along that touches your heart--this is that book.

It is full of earnest kindness, sweeping kingdoms, and a deep love of music. Everything was about music, singing, and devotion to a Godess, Cae. I'm no musician, but I loved the feeling. The words themselves seem to be written rythmically like music.

Our main character, Elissa, never loses faith in the Godess. She is true to herself and fights for what's right. She never doubts her gifts, which I LOVED, but she does learn to trust more in her own intuition. I absolutely love her composer, Lucio's, journey. He is very studious and relies too much on "the way things are" that he loses faith in Cae. He starts to believe that Cae no longer loves him--so it leads him down a different path. As a religious person, I was very moved more than once, at how Bakewell spoke of loss of faith and losing your way in such simplistic and hopeful terms.

The world is a sweeping fantasy with several distinct kingdoms--all fully fleshed out with clothing, food, and atmosperic quality. We Are The Song is a beautiful tale of music, friendship, learning to trust in oneself--AND how faith shapes us all.

*spoilers* flower, bird, and pink magical ponies!!!! Squeee!!!!

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